More on the Active Management Challenge

My post yesterday challenging active investment management advocates to support their views “with data and stuff” seems to have hit a nerve based upon the number of hits it has received and the comments it has generated.  It was featured at both Real Clear Markets and Abnormal Returns too.  Obviously, I am pleased when my work is read and gets attention.  More importantly, I hope to spur discussion and further analysis of whether and how active management can benefit investors.

As of this moment, I have not seen a formal response to my challenge.  I wouldn’t expect one so quickly.  But if and when they appear, I will link to them here.

I also want to highlight those who have consistently taken great care to support (“with data and stuff”) the activist positions they hold.  Mebane Faber is an inspiration in this regard.  So is Geoff Considine.  I admire the work of Andrew Lo greatly.  I have no doubt that this list should be much longer but I also recognize that were my own knowledge broader and deeper, I could likely add many more to this list.

To all who read, think upon and write about these important matters, thank you.

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