Live from the LA Times Festival of Books

I will be attending the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books again this week-end and — if all goes well — will ultimately blog about it here (linked below) and will also be tweeting from the proceedings.  My tweets are available on the front page here at Above the Market or via @rpseawright. Among the hundreds of authors appearing are Julie Andrews, Daniel Kahneman, Reza Aslan, Leonard Mlodinow, Timothy Ferris, Sean Carroll, Jennifer Ouellette, Michael Shermer, David Baltimore, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Sugar Ray Leonard, Anne Rice, Richard Schickel, Ben Fong-Torres, Anne Perry, Joseph Wambaugh, Judy Blume, Dan Schnur, Tom Hayden, Rodney King, T.C. Boyle, Amy Wilentz, Florence Henderson, Betty White, Joseph Kanon and Diane Farr.

@rpseawright @latimesfob #bookfest #latfob

Crackpots Work Alone

Easier Said Than Done – Reflections on the LA Times Festival of Books

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