Worth Watching

This experiment with monkeys provides a pretty good illustration of what’s behind the Occupy Wall Street movement — a perceived lack of fundamental fairness.  My own view is that the key problem is one of opportunity rather than fairness (even though, for example, the extent to which CEOs are overpaid doesn’t make a lick of sense to me).  But this video illustrates the perception exceedingly well even if you think the perception is skewed to some degree.


3 thoughts on “Worth Watching

  1. It is clear that occupy Wall Street protestors (monkey left) are missing the fact they were given a free meal initially and to continue receiving, merely had to perform a simple task. The same task being performed admirably by Wall Street (monkey right). In this new age of entitlement where people expect things to be handed to them, seems like an old adage applies, the grape is always greener….

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