Worth Watching


The Lamborghini driver in this video offers a pretty good metaphor with respect to the perils of do-it-yourself personal investing.  Professionals are susceptible too, of course. As my friend Tadas Viskanta emphasizes in his fine new book, Abnormal Returns, and in his blog of the same name, investing is hard.  Screwing up, on the other hand, is remarkably easy.  Personal investing has never been more accessible.  That’s a tremendous benefit, but a great risk too.  Investors have tremendous access and power, but if it isn’t used well, disaster awaits just around the corner.


2 thoughts on “Worth Watching

  1. Absolutely agree. This metaphor is really relevent to all aspect of our lives and in any situation: with power comes RESPONSIBILITY. One cannot escape the obligation that comes along with wealth- especially those who are ENTRUSTED with someone else’s wealth. This video is a great example of someone with “power,” but lack of concern for responsibility. All that really brings is opportunity for others to get a good chuckle at one’s expense!

  2. I am pretty sure my personal investing would likely resemble this video – except in my case more like a SmartCar or pedi-cab as the vehicle vs. a Lamborghini. Unrelated to retirement, who just drives around arbitrarily with a video camera on, besides the cars on COPS, obviously?

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