My Bookshelf

As I noted previously, I resist “best of” lists. That’s because I have my own (better!) tastes and because I have my own needs, outlooks and preferences.  I also cannot claim to have read or seen anything like everything that might be relevant to the topic.  So, as I did earlier with websites I use, instead of claiming that these are the best books of the year, these are books I really appreciated this year.  I read them (in some cases I reread them) and/or referred to them enough that I thought they deserved special mention.  I decided to limit myself to those that would fit on one shelf of one of my office bookcases.  They are pictured below.


Most of them relate to my work and the focus of Above the Market.  But, as you can see, I slipped a few others in for fun.  Most of the titles are new ones, but some are not — either because I referred back to them meaningfully this year or simply didn’t get them read until this year.  The books are listed below (from top down and from left to right in the picture).


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