Hurricane Lessons

Hurricane LessonsMy latest Research magazine column is available on-line.  Here’s a taste:

“What is ‘good for you’ and things that have enduring and intrinsic value are sometimes a tough sell. But they are still good and good for you. On the other hand, we often crave what’s bad for us. Parents have a tough time selling healthy food to their kids (and a tough time following their own advice). Local symphonies are struggling to stay afloat while Justin Beiber could support several many times over. And porn is a multi-billion dollar business. Sometimes the stuff we want would be better avoided and the really good stuff (like appropriate hurricane insurance) needs to be sold….

“Ultimately, a financial advisor’s job is to provide clients what they need—not just what they want. There are plenty of ‘advisors’ who will give their clients what they want. Sometimes doing what’s best for them—providing them with what they truly need—takes a great sales job. And that’s not a bad thing at all.”

Hurricane Lessons


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