Joy in the Unexpected

Stewart Mandel of Sports Illustrated described the unlikely scenario beautifully. Duke Football

My Dukies, an astonishing 8-2 on the year, bested Miami on Saturday, after beating Virginia Tech in their previous game, to gain control of their own destiny. If they win at Wake Forest next week and at Carolina thereafter, we will have earned the “honor” of getting crushed by Florida State in the ACC Championship game. But it would be an honor and we’re even ranked today (#25 AP; #24 Coaches’ Poll). Mandel’s take on the Duke win is linked below.

Baylor and Duke go from worst to first

The Washington Post‘s John Feinstein, a fellow Duke alum but a long-time Duke football critic, has even issued a full-throated mea culpa. Add in an expected Duke basketball win and an unexpected Carolina hoops loss (to Belmont!) and it was a pretty great sports week-end. And, finally, the best college football story I’ve read recently follows. Please read it.

Tuesdays with Ross


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