The Wall Street Stupidity Index

I especially like “Bob is doing it.”

The Wall Street Stupidity IndexSource: Fortune



3 thoughts on “The Wall Street Stupidity Index

  1. Bob, you sure do have a lot of free time on your hands. This is a pretty ridiculous and dumb chart, seemingly as if a 4th grader put it together when bored in class. I honestly see no value or humor in it at all. I usually read most of your posts and find some interesting, but not this.

    • This is because much of what passes as authentic value assessment in the markets is actually no better than any 4th grader’s. When we start assessing value by the most accurate Measure there is, then we don’t need such cutting satire. Otherwise, this is brilliant. Thanks Messrs. Bing and Schneider, and Mr. Seawright for sharing it.

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