Realistic Retirement Planning

BreenSteve Breen is our local editorial cartoonist here in San Diego. He has won the Pulitzer Prize twice (1998 and 2009) and, best of all, he’s terrific. His cartoon yesterday (above) is particularly pertinent for my readers. I wrote about its subject here.

A more realistic approach to retirement planning will not be all that different substantively – in general, people should save more and start saving sooner.  But a better approach will meet the people who need good advice “where they live” without judgment or condescension, while remaining forthright about the challenges that await.

Not everyone with a less than perfect retirement plan gets into that situation on account of foolish decisions.  My wife and I made some difficult choices.  We remain convinced that, for us and for our family, they were the right choices. We are now ready to give retirement planning a much higher priority.  It would have been better for our retirement plan had we done more and done it sooner, but thankfully we are in a position where we can still be cautiously optimistic about our retirement prospects.

Realistic Retirement Planning

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