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Top_Advisor_badge_smallI am honored to be included in the Top Advisor Blogs listing from Michael Kitces (powered by BrightScope) as lucky #7. I’ll let Michael explain its purpose.

“While blogging and social media for financial advisors continues to become more popular, one of the common challenges I hear from advisors trying to get started is that they’d like to see examples of what other advisors are doing that’s successful. What are some examples of blogs that have been able to get a lot of readership and traffic?

“To help support this, today I’m excited to announce a new ‘Top 50 Advisor Blogs and Bloggers’ list that we’ve built (powered by BrightScope) to recognize some of the most successful advisors in the blogosphere. The list captures a wide range of advisors, from those who write broadly about markets and investment and economics, to those who have niches — Generation Y to Financially Wise Women to Low-Cost Investing.

“So if you’ve been wondering what ‘blogging success’ looks like, click around and check out some of the advisor blogs, and see what they’re doing, or go through the submission process to have your own blog considered the next time we update the list (while we tried to capture as many advisor bloggers as we could, I’m sure there are more to be considered!). Of course, in the end a blog alone does not make a business – you still have to provide services and deliver value to your clients as well! – but I hope this list is helpful to stimulate some ideas, and to recognize those who have been pioneers in the advisor blogosphere so far!”

There are lots of terrific names on this list and I’m pleased to be on it.

Top 50 Financial Advisor Blogs And Bloggers



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