I’m Honored

honorsPerfect Client has included Above the Market among its 15 Financial Advisor Blogs Worth Following.

Above the Market is the blog of Bob Seawright, former lawyer turned investor. The blog is a wealth of information, and is a great source of investing advice, financial solutions for hypothetical clients, and industry insight. Mr. Seawright contributes articles to many other publications, and his wealth of knowledge is finely displayed (and shared) on his blog.

I’m deeply honored, particularly as it’s a very good list.

2 thoughts on “I’m Honored

  1. I remember you in your Lawyer days at the Summit Y. I go there weekly with my granddaughter and think of guys like you, Gil, Fran, Ray, who actually died on the basketball court, “Brick”, Judge Tommy Manahan, and all the others. Nice to enjoy the kudos you have rightfully attained.

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