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quoteunquote“I probably find more information that says vaccines aren’t safe,” she says. “I think it’s only because …” She pauses. “Well, I don’t really know. It could be maybe what I’m paying attention to more.”

Smoot also says she trusts the experiences of other parents more than data from a scientific study. “Right now,” she says, “the people telling their personal stories influence me more. I feel like the data could be flawed for one reason or another, but I feel like someone’s story, because they’ve gone through something, and they don’t want other people to go through it, I feel like I trust that more.”

The Psychology of Anti-Vaxers: How Story Trumps Science


3 thoughts on “Quote Unquote

  1. Hi Bob,
    What’s amazing to me is that Wakefield’s study was in 1998. He was stripped of his license to practice medicine in 2010. Yet the story still lives on!

    On a separate note, please consider including the full content of your posts in your RSS feeds, instead of just a snippet. This will increase your readership, particularly those who exclusively peruse blogs through feed readers. Thanks for considering!

  2. I’m a mom of six. I too was afraid for awhile but I got myself over it. I think we need to put the true accounts and even video of what happens to kids when they contract some of these diseases out there in the popular media. Unfortunately, we may become more familiar with all that because of this sloppy thinking.

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