Happy Blogiversary to Me

HappyBlogiversaryI have been now been writing Above the Market for four years. I began on August 1, 2011. I started and still write largely to clarify my own thinking and to force and enforce commitment on my part. Actual readers are a lovely bonus I didn’t expect when I started and that I never take for granted. After many hundreds of thousands of visitors from nearly 200 countries, I remain astonished at the level of interest Above the Market has received — it is far beyond what I thought possible, much less likely. I appreciate each and every reader. Anyone who writes wants to be read most of all.

As always, a few people deserve special mention and thanks.

Tom Brakke (his terrific blog is The Research Puzzle) generously offered outstanding help and guidance before I even had any readers to speak of and continues to offer wise counsel whenever I ask. Tadas Viskanta provided my first distribution (exactly one month in) to the expert community he serves via his blog, Abnormal Returns, which remains the standard for its type. I have now appeared there an astonishing 206 times — essentially once a week — and am extremely grateful for having done so. Joe Calhoun upped my exposure tremendously via Real Clear Markets, in which I have appeared almost as often (179 appearances). I am grateful and humbled to be featured often at these and other excellent sites, including Cullen Roche’s outstanding Pragmatic Capitalism (75 times), the indispensable The Big Picture from Barry Ritholtz (62 times), Bill Zimmer’s The Prudent Trader (59 times), Charles Kirk’s The Kirk Report and Josh Brown’s wonderful The Reformed Broker (59 appearances each). Other regular linkers include the CFA Institute, Ben Carlson’s fantastic A Wealth of Common Sense, Michael Kitces (the authority on financial planning), Wade Pfau (the authority on retirement income planning) and the previously mentioned Mr. Brakke. Jason Zweig and Morgan Housel — giants in financial journalism — have provided much help and inspiration. And finally, but in no way least, I greatly appreciate Research magazine publishing my monthly columns. Thank you all.

My “top ten” posts this year, based upon reader numbers, follow in order of popularity. I hope you will give them a look (or another look).

  1. A New Kind of Investment Outlook
  2. Crash Ahead!!!
  3. Pants on Fire: 10 Big Lies in the Financial Services Industry
  4. Follow the Money
  5. The Maleficent 7
  6. Kobayashi Maru and the Forecasting Follies
  7. Make Fewer Decisions
  8. Math is Different
  9. Everybody Plays the Fool (Sometimes)
  10. You Can’t Outrun the Boulder

My all-time “top ten” posts, again based upon reader numbers, follow in order or popularity. I hope you’ll check them out (or check them out again).

  1. Investors’ 10 Most Common Behavioral Biases
  2. Financial Advice: A Top Ten List
  3. Establishing Your Top 10 Investment Default Settings
  4. My Investing Checklist
  5. Math Suckage and Dave Ramsey
  6. Top Ten Ways to Deal with Behavioral Biases
  7. Investing Successfully is Really Hard
  8. Saving Investors From Themselves
  9. We Suck at Probabilities
  10. Is the Yale Model Past It?

Finally, I’d like to focus on the following “not top ten” posts that didn’t get nearly as much attention — sometimes because they appeared before I had many readers — but which I think are worth reading. I encourage you to check them out.

  1. Beguiled By Narrative
  2. Financial Products are Sold, Not Bought
  3. It’s Not You, It’s Me
  4. Just Put the Ball in Play
  5. Gaming the System
  6. The Semmelweis Reflex
  7. Bias Blindness and Political Polarization
  8. Demand for Hitmen and Yield
  9. Luck, Skill and Jim Harbaugh
  10. Librarius Booker, Confabulation and Choice Blindness

I have enjoyed a nice holiday from blogging this past month and a vacation to boot. I welcomed my first granddaughter and got a good rest. Now I’m ready to get back to it. To everyone who has read, supported and helped me with this effort: Thank You! I hope four years leads to many more.


2 thoughts on “Happy Blogiversary to Me

  1. Congratulations!

    You write interesting articles and provide a broad perspective to consider when viewing and navigating risks and rewards of entering the unfair and manipulated landscape of the financial markets and combining the insatiable desire of the individual to beat the odds against the fear of losing everything, and then learning to use the market as either a tool or a gambling venture (without the baggage that Vegas requires). The wider the perspective , the better our odds of NOT becoming the mouse that goes for the bad cheese found in the mousetrap that markets often offer, and the more likely that we will exit the mousetrap unscathed and rewarded for being careful throughout the maze of investing. All too often, the mousetrap snaps me in the ass.

    How is that for a Sunday creative thank you and congratulations!

    Ken Loebel

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