Happy Blogiversary to Me!

HappyBlogiversaryI have been writing Above the Market for three years as of today: August 1, 2014. I began and still write largely to clarify my own thinking and to force and enforce commitment on my part. Actual readers are a lovely bonus I didn’t expect when I started. Nearly 900 posts and now, well over half a million readers later, I remain astonished at the level of interest Above the Market has received — it is far beyond what I thought possible, much less likely. According to analytics powered by BrightScope, ATM is the #7 advisor blog in terms of readership and influence. Who’d-a-thunk-it? I appreciate each and every reader. Anyone who writes wants to be read most of all.

As always, a few people deserve special mention and thanks.

Tom Brakke (his terrific blog is The Research Puzzle) generously offered outstanding help and guidance before I even had any readers to speak of and continues to offer wise counsel whenever I ask. Tadas Viskanta provided my first distribution (exactly one month in) to the expert community he serves via his blog, Abnormal Returns, which remains the standard for its type. Joe Calhoun upped my exposure tremendously via Real Clear Markets. I am grateful and humbled to be featured often at both of those excellent sites.

According to Investment News, Above the Market is a blog “for all financial advisers to follow.” Thank you, Michael Kitces, for saying so. Financial Planning, the CFA Institute, Financial Social Media, Inomics, Insider Monkey and even The Irish Times have honored Above the Market as among the best of its type anywhere. Wade Pfau has been a great help too (be sure to read his blog and his site if you don’t already). Thanks also to some of the “big boys” (of both sexes) for help and encouragement or for simply liking or linking my work (Jason Zweig, Cullen Roche, Carl Richards, Christine Benz and Barry Ritholtz, among others). Special thanks too to my firm for encouraging this endeavor.

My “top ten” posts this year, based upon reader numbers, follow in order of popularity. I hope you will give them a look (or another look).

  1. Investing Successfully is Really Hard
  2. A Short Introduction to Investing (in 400 words)
  3. The Tragedy of Errors
  4. Something Wicked This Way Comes
  5. Missed It By *This* Much
  6. We Are Less Than Rational
  7. Five Stinkin’ Feet
  8. Get Real
  9. Active Management Required
  10. The Culture of Charade

My all-time “top ten” posts, again based upon reader numbers, follow in order or popularity. I hope you’ll check them out (or check them out again).

  1. Investors’ 10 Most Common Behavioral Biases
  2. Financial Advice: A Top Ten List
  3. Establishing Your Top 10 Investment Default Settings
  4. My Investing Checklist
  5. Math Suckage and Dave Ramsey
  6. Top Ten Ways to Deal with Behavioral Biases
  7. Investing Successfully is Really Hard
  8. Saving Investors From Themselves
  9. We Suck at Probabilities
  10. Is the Yale Model Past It?

Finally, I’d like to focus on the following “not top ten” posts that didn’t get nearly as much attention — sometimes because they appeared before I had many readers — but which I think are worth reading. I encourage you to check them out.

  1. Beguiled By Narrative
  2. Financial Products are Sold, Not Bought
  3. It’s Not You, It’s Me
  4. Just Put the Ball in Play
  5. Gaming the System
  6. The Semmelweis Reflex
  7. Bias Blindness and Political Polarization
  8. Demand for Hitmen and Yield
  9. Luck, Skill and Jim Harbaugh
  10. Librarius Booker, Confabulation and Choice Blindness

To everyone who has read, supported and helped me with this effort: Thank You! I hope three years leads to many more.


Top Advisor Blogs

Top_Advisor_badge_smallI am honored to be included in the Top Advisor Blogs listing from Michael Kitces (powered by BrightScope) as lucky #7. I’ll let Michael explain its purpose.

“While blogging and social media for financial advisors continues to become more popular, one of the common challenges I hear from advisors trying to get started is that they’d like to see examples of what other advisors are doing that’s successful. What are some examples of blogs that have been able to get a lot of readership and traffic?

“To help support this, today I’m excited to announce a new ‘Top 50 Advisor Blogs and Bloggers’ list that we’ve built (powered by BrightScope) to recognize some of the most successful advisors in the blogosphere. The list captures a wide range of advisors, from those who write broadly about markets and investment and economics, to those who have niches — Generation Y to Financially Wise Women to Low-Cost Investing.

“So if you’ve been wondering what ‘blogging success’ looks like, click around and check out some of the advisor blogs, and see what they’re doing, or go through the submission process to have your own blog considered the next time we update the list (while we tried to capture as many advisor bloggers as we could, I’m sure there are more to be considered!). Of course, in the end a blog alone does not make a business – you still have to provide services and deliver value to your clients as well! – but I hope this list is helpful to stimulate some ideas, and to recognize those who have been pioneers in the advisor blogosphere so far!”

There are lots of terrific names on this list and I’m pleased to be on it.

Top 50 Financial Advisor Blogs And Bloggers


BrightScope’s Social Influence Rankings

BrightScope Social InfluenceBrightScope (with which I have no affiliation even though it is also here in San Diego) rolled out a new ranking engine this morning that statistically gauges the social influence of America’s financial advisors. I am honored to be on the Top 100 list for 2013 at #28. There are some great names on this list that I already read routinely as well as some others I want to get to know.

Top 100 Most Social Financial Advisors in the US (2013)