Librarius Booker, Confabulation and Choice Blindness

Jimmy Kimmel has a terrific regular feature on his show he calls Lie Witness News, whereby his crew asks people about non-existent events or people and waits for a series of often hilarious, fabricated responses.  In the recent “Miami Heat edition,” Kimmel’s crew discovered that even those who claimed to be big Heat fans and who lived in Miami knew a lot less about “their” team than they claimed.  These fans were asked what they thought of a whole litany of ridiculous things which did not exist, such as Miami’s peek-a-boo defense (in response to San Antonio’s rhombus offense), back-up point guard MooShu Pork and his being fined for criticizing the officials, Heat coach Eric Estrada, and LeBron James’ painful injury (a bruised vulva). The answers are hysterical.  My favorite is the following about alleged Heat player Libraius Booker.

“He’s gonna get to get a ring.  At the end of the day, Librarius Booker’s gonna have a ring.  A lot of people aren’t gonna have a ring at the end of the day, y’know what I’m saying? Carmelo’s not gonna have a ring.  But Librarius Booker is gonna have a ring.” 

Watch it below.

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