A Disaster of Biblical Proportion

FloodKen Ham and his organization, Answers in Genesis, want to proselytize America via Ark Encounter, a proposed theme park centered around a life-size reconstruction of Noah’s Ark. They want the massive (at least as proposed) park to mix hands-on fun with visions of apocalyptic judgment for which they can offer “fire insurance.” According to Ham’s fundraising newsletters (as reported in Slate), the ark will contain three levels of “edu-tainment” about Noah’s animals which, he claims, included every species of dinosaur (according to Ham, the Earth was divinely created about 6,000 years ago and dinosaurs were hunted to extinction relatively recently by humans). Ark Encounter is also supposed to feature “historically authentic” attractions, including a tower of Babel with a 5D (really) theater, a ride through the plagues of Egypt,a petting zoo, a walk-through aviary, and live animal programs.

But Ham and AiG haven’t broken ground on the project yet, even though it was announced three years ago. The project’s first phase is said to require $73 million, with $24 million required to commence construction (due to the planning fallacy, these figures are quite probably low). The next phases will require at least $52.6 million more. The State of Kentucky has offered to throw in $37.5 million worth of tax breaks, but those will expire next year. Since AiG has only raised $13.6 million to this point (donations are still being solicited), lots more money is needed to get the project off the ground.

But fear not, Ham and AiG have an investment idea for you. Continue reading