Edge: Milevsky, Ritholtz, Zweig, Ferri and More

Edge QuestionThis year’s Edge question is What *should* we be worried about?  I put that same question to some of my friends. What should *we* be worried about?

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CFA Conference: When Bloggers Meet

I had dinner with three bloggers you almost surely know and read already. If you don’t, you should. They are Tom Brakke (The Research Puzzle), Tadas Viskanta (Abnormal Returns) and Rick Ferri. They are all really smart, good guys and, best of all, have tremendous insights into the markets and our business.  It was an honor to be included with them.  We are pictured below (from left to right, Ferri, Brakke, Seawright and Viskanta).  Notice that Tadas’s new book, also titled Abnormal Returns (and you should read that too), is sitting on the table.