Worth Reading

Worth ReadingTechnology has changed the world in remarkable ways. But many products that are said to be revolutionary are nothing of the sort. Here’s one that I think is, and I can’t wait to use it all the time.

This Insane New App Will Allow You To Read Novels In Under 90 Minutes


The Cost of Technology

TechWalt Mossberg has produced his final column for The Wall Street Journal after 22 years of tech reviews. Not surprisingly, he wrote about the products that most changed the digital industry during that time. That milestone has caused me to think a bit about the cost of technology, but not in the sense of Moore’s law.

Let me illustrate using a couple of real-life experiences (a bit ironic in the digital age, I know). Continue reading

10 Classic Failed Tech Predictions

internetToday’s Quote of the Day at Abnormal Returns (from Dustin Curtis): “The future is extremely hard to see through the lens of the present. It’s very easy to unconsciously dismiss the first versions of something as frivolous or useless. Or as stupid ideas.”

Indeed.  It’s remarkably easy to miss the boat entirely.  As a consequence, flawed predictions abound and aren’t limited to the economy or the markets.  Enjoy these ten from the tech world….  Continue reading