Principles of Economics (Translated)

Yoram Bauman

Yoram Bauman

Yoram Bauman has a Ph.D. in economics, but is best known as the “stand-up economist.” Bauman’s excellent post this week, Top 11 Funniest Papers in the History of Economics, adapted from New Developments in Economics Education, reminded me (yet again) of his terrific video riffing on Greg Mankiw‘s famous (and expensive!) textbook, Principles of Economics. I’ve seen it a bunch of times and laugh out loud every time…a lot. Enjoy.

A rap version of Mankiw’s text is available here. An animated version is below.

Bauman is also the co-author of the Cartoon Introduction to Economics (volumes I & II) and the just-released Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change


Beware of market forecasting silly season

My latest at MarketWatch (and as I type this, it’s trending as a top story there):

Beware of market forecasting silly season

Here’s a taste:

We are now head-long into what my friend Josh Brown calls the ” silly season of forecasts .” Individuals and firms are talking about how they expect the economy and the markets to perform in 2013. Those outlooks can be helpful exercises and provide excellent food for thought. They can also be fun and entertaining.

Just don’t take them too seriously.